Meet Our DJ: Adi Shabat

by Anna Kopito | 30.09.14

Telavivian: Who are you?

Adi Shabat: I’ve been a part of the Tel Aviv music, club and party scene – since the 90’s when I was working as a music journalist. I’ve edited DJ Mag, I’ve worked as a label owner and an artist manager but four years ago I decided to follow my passion to the dance floor and since then I have had a monthly residency at Block Club, Deli and I can usually be found at Open Air parties in Tel Aviv. This year I had a couple of releases out on Berlin labels BPitch Control and Girl Scout.

How would you describe your set?

I play a variety of electronic music, I wouldn’t want to put a specific title on what I do because it crosses over and I don’t think it’s necessary to give it a label. There is a combination of electro, indie, tech-house – if that’s even what you call it now – I guess I would call my stuff melodic techno, but I really don’t want to give it a title.

Tell us something we don’t know about you.

I played at Israel’s first ever Burning Man Festival this year and I found that I just loved being in the desert. It’s strange for an urban girl but I really feel like I found myself there.

What can we expect from you at Telavivian’s Pop Up Shop for Israeli Design?

Because it’s in the afternoon and not a club, I’m going to go for more of the indie side of things. I want to bring some interesting music to listen to, more sophisticated. More for the brain not so much for the ass – even though that’s important!

What do you think is the future of the Tel Aviv music scene?

I don’t think there is a specific future for Tel Aviv – like life, it just goes round in circles; if it’s not about big clubs, it’ll be about small venues, if it’s not about small venues, it’s about rooftops – things are constant here. Tel Aviv is always going to be hectic – something will always be happening here. People here love to party. I travel a lot to DJ and believe me, Tel Aviv is kicking ass – it’s one of the best cities for night life in the world.

Last week Adi Shabat released her first EP – Be The Same.

The opening of the Pop Up Shop on Tuesday evening, October 7, will feature the music of DJ Adi Shabat. RSVP here.

Photo by Anat Manos
Text by Francesca Kletz


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