Mexican Paletas by Nomi Zysblat

by Anna Kopito | 06.10.14

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Ice creams are a perfect way to cool down in the summer, sitting back over the holidays, on your balcony, looking over the city of Tel Aviv. But frankly, ice cream isn’t very good for you and as I get older I just can’t handle that saccharinity. After finishing culinary school in New York, Nomi Zysblat walked into a Latino grocery store and discovered Mexican Paletas – ice lollies made from all natural ingredients. Nomi flew out to Mexico to learn the real art of Paletas from local ‘palerteros’ and started her own paletas right here in Tel Aviv, with her own Israeli flair. Now Nomi is making delicious Paletas with interesting flavour twists like herbs, vanilla, tea, coffee, tehini, cinnamon, various alcohols and loads more. Nomi will have her Paletas out at our first ever Telavivian Pop Up Shop for you to taste while browsing all of the gorgeous new womenswear we have on sale.

But before we get stuck in to a delicious avocado or vegan peanut-butter and banana Paletas (yeah, I’m excited too), let’s find out a little more about Nomi, the brains behind these delicious creations.

Telavivian: Who are you? 

Nomi Zysblat: You could say that I’m a multi-disciplinary artist, mostly experimenting with Music and culinary arts. I studied at Rimon and Berklee College of Music and ended up in NYC at a record label and then moved into the foodie world.

Where did you come up with the idea for paletas pops?

I discovered Paletas at Latin American “Bodegas” in Harlem and Washington Heights in Manhattan, while trying to cool off in the New York summer heat. I immediately fell in love with the colours and flavours and started experimenting at the restaurant in Brooklyn I had been cooking at. Then I realised that it would be a great idea for Tel Aviv.

What’s your favourite thing about Paletas?

The immediate satisfaction and pleasure I see on peoples faces when they pick one up – whether its a 4 year old girl with a bright pink berry Paleta or a 47 year old executive in a suit who is taking a risk with a Grape and Ginger one. The ability to excite myself and others with creative new ideas every day and feel good about what I’m putting in their bodies is priceless.

Can you tell us something about the company that we don’t know?

The best thing about my company are the people involved – from my partner, through to our graphic designer, customer service manager, the lovely booth pedlars and our kitchen staff. I must say I am blessed to be surrounded by wholehearted, amazing souls.

What can we expect from you at the Telavivian Pop Up Shop this week?

Colourful, seasonal, sweet and exciting healthy treats hopefully mirroring the chic atmosphere and wonderful talent that we are humbly joining.

What are your favourite places in Tel Aviv?

I love tons of great places here – from gourmet street food at Hamiznon and The Taqueria to amazing Italian at La Republica di Ronimotti. Everything popping up inside the Carmel Market and the Jaffa flea market for atmosphere, and fun sometimes hidden gems like Joz ve Loz, Ouzeria, and A la Rampa.

Telavivian’s First Pop Up Shop for Israeli Fashion Design is opening tomorrow, Tuesday. Hope you can come! RSVP here.

Text by Francesca Kletz


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