Fall Picks by Nataly Natasha Izchukov

by Anna Kopito | 25.11.14

Find out what our Telavivian girls are thinking this fall. This time we have talked to Nataly Natasha Izchukov, the owner of The Visionary [Trend forecasting and creative guidance]. 

Telavivian: What are you looking forward to this fall?

Nataly Natasha Izchukov: In the past year we have experienced many revolutions and also evolutions around the whole world. We seek comfort food, cozy comfortable clothing which will enable us to “run” instantaneously in case of immediate danger. That is the reason activewear will become an integral part of our wardrobes. Comfortable yet fashionable attire for the modern nomad; activewear pieces such as hoodies, anoraks, knitted jodhpurs, multi pocket utility rucksacks with designated compartments for iPhones and iPads. A strong emphasis on quality and finishing.

I foresee women in buttondown shirts, masculine tailored jackets, pleated skirts, opaque tights, bright Nike trainers and a Carven shoulder bag. Footwear for women will mostly consist of flats: loafers and ballet pumps – these will allow us to move and run faster. We are constantly in a hurry, the pace of life is constantly escalating. For men bulky trainers and sandals will take the lead.

We are constantly scared of getting hurt. Therefore we will wear lots of layers of resistant fabrics, to protect ourselves from the pain. We will aspire to blend in rather than stand out.

In cinema, films will ensure the future and fantasy, as a way to ease the reality. This will also bring a rise in inoffensive pastel shades. Concurrently, there will be more emphasis on documentaries and docudramas. One of the most pivotal films of this year is 20.000 Days On Earth, which follows the acclaimed musician Nick Cave over 24 hours of his life. The viewers are exposed to his daily reality, his creativity, his constant pursuit to preserve beauty and tradition.

In music videos such as Water Me (by FKA Twigs) and Everybody Robot (by Damon Albarn). Animation will explore a new kind beauty and multimedia communication channels.

The music will combine exoticism with electronica and synthetica – this will also reflect on the music videos of this decade.

What are you wearing this fall? 

I usually have a vision 6 months prior to the beginning of the season. I put together a general outline for a look and then focus on the details.

This winter I will be wearing a dropped shoulder coat, t-shirts, turtlenecks, bold checked prints in black and white. Black skinny trousers, striped buttondown shirts, just-above-the-knee skirts and black opaque tights and maybe also a faux leather oversized dropped sleeved jacket and a wide brimmed hat. Culottes with trainers or boots.

My style is pretty classic and I’m a minimalist when it comes to colour.

When getting dressed, what inspires you?

People, my current mood, energy, the way I wish to present myself in a certain context, magazines and places I travel to. It’s a strong course of self expression for me.

How would you describe the optimal wardrobe for the Telavivian woman?

The Telavivian woman is very different to the European woman. If anything, she is closer in character to the New York City woman. She is constantly in a hurry yet wishes to look cool and fresh. The climate doesn’t allow her to wear thigh garments or heavy fabrics. Fabrics should be light, kind to the skin. The general look has a lot of ease and is anything but formal or appropriate. It is so important to stay aware and connected to the place we live in, notion the weather, the colour scheme that is surrounding us, the energy.

I would recommend her to keep a capsule wardrobe consisting of:
Black skinny trousers and raw denim jeans by Acne.
Stripey buttondown shirt.
Loose t-shirt in a good masculine cut.
Dropped shoulder coat.
Trainers by Nike or New Balance.
Wide brimmed hat.
A big pronounced scarf.
Trench coat.
Full circle or a-line skirt.
Turtle necks.
An oversized stripey dress.
Opaque tights.

Photo by Amit Ofek.


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