Fall Picks by Yaara Keydar

by Anna Kopito | 25.11.14

Find out what our Telavivian girls are thinking this fall. This time we have talked to Yaara Keydar, a fashion creative, writer and curator who is currently based in New York. 

Telavivian: What are you looking forward to this fall?

Yaara Keydar: I look forward to seeing Faking It: Originals, Copies, and Counterfeits, at the FIT museum. I feel that the question of authenticity in fashion is an urgent matter these days, and should be addressed and discussed. Fast fashion is raising many questions and blurring the boundaries between taking inspiration and imitation. Learning from the past is definitely one fascinating way bring this matter into awareness, and this exhibition will explore the subject through 150 years of fashion history and couture copies.

What are you wearing this fall? 

Fall is a fickle term here in New York. This is my third autumn in New York, and by now I’ve learned that here, one must be ready for any weather, especially on the transition months (like November and April). It can be wintery-cold, or summery-warm just one day apart. On cold days places are heated up immediately and it’s unbearable to be heavily dresses inside. On the other hand when you walk outside you don’t want to freeze… So my wardrobe is a based on thermal leggings (really good ones) and then super lightweight tailored shirt dresses with 3/4 sleeves, I’m always into black, and I carry a really big dawn coat, a shawl scarf and a knitted hat – always with me just incase.

When getting dressed, what inspires you?

I have to say it’s jewelry. I have a large collection of fashion jewelry, mainly based on gold, pearls and black, and I start by thinking of the jewelry I’d want to wear that day, then match the rest of the outfit accordingly.

How would you describe the optimal wardrobe for the Telavivian woman?

I think the secret of a true Telavivian style is being able to make a bold fashion statement in just one layer of clothes. The weather in Tel Aviv usually demands one layer during the summer and also allows it during the winter. You don’t need layers and layers of knits and jackets in Tel Aviv. So to me, being able to create a memorable and distinct style with just one accurate garment is just genius. It requires simplicity and at the same time wittiness and sophistication – a really interesting blend.


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