Meet Our Designers: Pulp

by Anna Kopito | 02.12.14

Let me just start off by saying one thing – I love stationary. There is nothing quite like coming to the end of your notebook, or finishing a well-used pen – setting them down on your desk and realising – now I can buy new ones. Ahh. Oh wait, there is one thing that’s better than buying new stationary, buying it from Israeli stationary and design label Pulp. Stunning modern versions of pens and pencils, notebooks, calendars and anything else you can set your pen to and scribble your innermost desires. I know that all it says on my note pages is ‘buy more stationary’ and with Pulp this dream becomes a design lovers fantasy.

Telavivian: What room in your house do you buy the most accessories for?

Hagit Kaspi (one of the founders of Pulp): The living room and the kitchen – but in my house it’s an open kitchen and a living room so it’s the same space.

What is you idea of the perfect Saturday morning?

Drinking coffee on my balcony with a cigarette.

What is your favourite drink?

Arak with lemon and nana.

What is your greatest achievement?

My three children.

Best wall colour?

It depends where – most houses should be white, but we have a few walls that are green and dark red.

If you were to die and come back as an animal, which animal would it be?

I don’t want to be an animal at all. If I have to be an animal I want to be a small dog – but I don’t like animals.

What is your perfect accessory?

My new tattoo – I got it four months ago, it’s on my hand and it’s the best.

What would you like to change about the design world?

I’m not a designer, but I like to buy things of design and my husband is a designer – I don’t want to change anything, I can see that design is getting better and better.

What is your motto?

I always tell my children to take everything in proportion.

How would the world be different if it was run by women?

It would be great. First of all people would talk more, there would be a lot more conversation and a lot more friendship and a lot more emotion. I hope it will be like that one day. people would take responsibility for things.

What do you like most about your label?

It’s a really cool product and really simple but well designed and really useful. It mixes the old and the new perfectly. People still like the intimacy of proper paper and physical stationary but we also love and need computers. It’s a very cool, very modern, very smart product and as I’m not the designer I can say that. Smart, useful, cool, genius. Just great things to put on your table and keep in your bag.

What is your highest ambition?

I want a Pulp shop in New York or in London.

If you weren’t working with pulp, what would you have done instead? 

I used to work in the television and content and marketing industry for many years and I like it very much, so I would do that.

What is your favourite restaurant or cafe in Tel Aviv?

I like the kiosk on Ben Gurion/Dizengoff for my morning coffee. I also like the bakery Ibn Gvriol called Bakery.

What is your most treasured possession?

My computer because I have everything in my computer. All my life is in my laptop – if something would happen to that it wouldn’t be good – and my pink bike.

Who is your favourite Israeli artist?

I have two artists in my family and they’re very good, so I’d have to say them – Eti Yacobi and Uri Nir.

Pulp is participating in our next Pop Up Shop. Click here for more details. 

The photo were taken in the factory were Pulp’s products are produced.

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Photos by Jenny Schweber
Written by Francesca Kletz


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