Posters by Lahav Halevy

by Anna Kopito | 07.12.14

Lahav Halevy is one of our favorite graphic designer. If you live in Tel Aviv, you are probably familiar with his work. It is is scattered all around the city, from commercial work for high-end restaurants and hotels such as Coffeebar, Hotel Montefiore, Delicatessen and Rothschild 12, to cultural projects such as books, magazines and movie posters.

We are happy to announce that five posters designed by Lahav Halevy himself will be for sale during our the Telavivian x La Culture Pop Up Shop. There is a limited quantity – make sure to preorder yours today! Send us an email to and we will keep one for you.

Four of them carry phrases from Israeli culture, mostly poetry, translated into French.

(Poster above)
Untitled-1 – “They say there’s love in this world” by the national poet Chaim Nachman Bialik.
אומרים אהבה יש בעולם


Untitled-2 – “Above the field the moon is hanging, we’ll go ther my love, we’ll go tomorrow”, by Author Yaacov Shabtai.
מעל שדות תלוייה הלבנה, נלך לשם אהובתי, נלך מחר


Untitled-3 – “You’ll be back by spring time” by Charles Aznavour.
באביב את תשובי חזרה


Untitled-4 – “It’s Autumn, with the clouds and the whining wind” by poet Yechiel Mohar, sang very famously by the late Arik Einstein.


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